Non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter Series CU

Débitmètre à ultrasons CU100
Application areas
Water treatment and distribution, pharmaceutical, chemical and paper industry. Heating-cooling circuits, swimming pools and irrigation systems, fire protection installation, automotive industry and energy plants. Suitable for flow measurement of liquids such as sea water, kerosene, gas-oil, petrol, oils…
Product description
Non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter, with the transducers installed outside the pipe. Suitable for horizontal and vertical pipes. Easy to install, without interruptions in the manufacturing process. No pressure drop and low maintenance. Good performance with liquids with suspended solids. Straight pipe run of 3 x DN before and after the flowmeter.
Technical specifications

Flow speed range:

  • 0,2 … 12 m/s


  • +-1,5%


  • DN80 … DN2000

Transducers ingress protection:

  • IP65

Converter ingress protection:

  • IP65

Liquid temperature range:

  • 0 … +80ºC

Power supply:

  • 90 ... 260 VAC 50 / 60 Hz

Power consumption:

  • < 5 W

Flow and speed indication

Programmable analog output 4-20 mA proportional to flow rate

Volume totalizer

2 programmable outputs for flow alarms